Tips for an Extra Special Galentine’s Day

A couple of years ago I was invited to my very first Galentine’s Day party. To be honest, I wasn’t familiar with the idea (nor even heard of the term Galentine) but for me it sounded like a great excuse to get together with my girlfriends. When I arrived I was blown away with how beautiful and fun it was. My friend had decorated, laid out a beautiful display of foods and each girl had brought little gifts for everyone. Ever since I have been completely hooked.

Because I can’t do anything halfway (which isn’t a surprise if you know me), when I throw my own parties I am love to go all out and go above and beyond. That goes for any kind of party. What can I say, I love to hostess. With that said, here are some fun ideas that can you make your Galentine’s Day party extra special if you like going all out too like I do.

Galentine’s Food Ideas

What you serve for food will really depend on the time you have your party. My two favorite times for get togethers with my girlfriends is brunch and happy hour aka 5p.


A beautiful waffle bar with all the toppings. Strawberries, blueberries, butter, syrup, chocolate chips, whipped cream, nuts, and sprinkles. Those are just some ideas. Also, how you display it will make a huge difference. So, pull out your nice dishes, platters, or treat yourself to a couple of new ones that will really help your food stand out and look pretty. It really does make a big different in the overall look and feel of the party.

Galentine's Day Waffle Bar Idea

Galentine's Day Waffle Bar by Nutrition by Mia

For drinks, mimosas are always a good idea when it comes to brunch. I love using other juices besides just orange juice. For Galentine’s Day I like to lean toward red and pink juices (grapefruit is especially good and usually a favorite). I would also serve this in champagne glasses, either glass or the pretty plastic ones you can get off Amazon (Here is the link for a few of my favorite things for a Galentine’s Day party)

Bite size foods like quiche, fruit cups, scones, and muffins are always a hit. It provides a little of something for everyone, something sweet and something savory. Tiered platters are perfect for display as well as saving space.

Happy Hour

By far, my favorite thing to do for happy hour parties are charcuterie boards. And they don’t have to be just meat and cheese! Have you ever heard of a dessert charcuterie board? These are always sure to impress your besties.

 Galentine's Day Charcuterie Board

See Little Bit of Food post here

Valentine's Day Food Ideas

Dessert Charcuterie Image Source

Decorate for Your Party

Decorating for your Galentine’s Day is a must. You don’t have to go crazy. Heck you can decorate only one room for the event, maybe just the kitchen and/or dining room. Stick to only the areas you plan on spending most of your time in. I have a living room that connects to the kitchen, and then a separate dining area. I like to put up décor in these main areas and won’t do too much elsewhere, except for maybe something when you first walk in the door.

By decorating a space or two, it really amps up the experience. I usually go with banners and/or garland, nice serving ware, dishes, balloons, and accent pieces. The trick is really to have it all match and themed. For example, if you want red and pink for Valentine’s day, make sure everything goes with that color palate. If you want to do blush and gold, it doesn’t make sense then to have bright pink and reds. I have been complimented many times over my decorating and display of food and have even had people suggest I would be a great party planner! That’s quite the compliment.

Galentine's Day Decor

Chanel Moving Forward - Check it out, she's incredible!!!

Galentine’s Day Gifts and Favors

Finally, I highly recommend doing a little something for your girlfriends to take home. It’s really a way to make them feel special which is the whole point of Galentine’s Day! You can make them something DIY style if your crafty, bake them some goodies, or even something simple like a cute favor box filled with chocolates.

I love giving gifts. When I went to my first Galentine’s Day party I was so blessed by receiving the small gifts from the other girls that now it’s something I want to continue to do in the future.

To make it extra special, consider giving both, something you make and a small gift. What a treat it is for your girlfriends and a great way to make the event even more memorable. Obviously, gifts are not required to make an event special. I just consider it the cherry on top and encourage it if you are able and want to.

Galentine's Day Girls Night

More Great Ideas by The So Girly Blog

I hope that no matter what you do, you and your friends have a wonderful time together. I hope you will play games, laugh, encourage one another, build each other up, and make amazing new memories. Sometimes spending time with our best girl friends is exactly what we need to fill our cup and is one of the top things I recommend as part of our self-care.

Happy Galentine’s Day friends,



P.S. I have created two lists of ideas and favorite things that goes along with this blog post. You will find décor, serving ware, party supplies, gifts and more. All things to make your Galentine’s Day extra special. Please note that they are affiliate links (see Affiliate Policy here). I may be compensated if you purchase something using them. It will in no way affect your purchase or cost you anything. Please know I did my best to only suggest things I love and have amazing reviews. I really loved putting the lists together, so I hope you enjoy!

Galentine's Day Ideas - Amazon


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