Ideas for An Intimate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just a few days away and for my husband and I, it's going to quite a different experience this year. Our state is currently on a Stay at Home order with gatherings of no more than 5. Basically that means for the first time in our 17 years of marriage, we are going to stay at home and do our own thing. Though I am looking forward to one on one time with my hubby, I can't say I am not bummed to miss out on the family festivities. Because of that it seems extra important to me to make the time extra special for just the two of us.

I have been brainstorming fun Thanksgiving ideas and activities that are great for a small, intimate gatherings or for just your household. Here are some things I have come up with...

  • Watch the Macy's Day Parade. Yes, it's still happening this year. It will air on NBC on Thursday, November 26 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST-Do a craft project
  • Play games. Some of our favorite games are charades, Pictionary (some of those drawings are hilarious), Heads up, Qwerkle, and Mexican train. We also recently found an up to 4 player Tetris game for Wii that we love to play with the older kids.
  • Write a special note to a loved one telling them one reason you are grateful for them. Maybe even have each person write something small for each person in their house.
  • Tell the story of the 1st Thanksgiving
  • Go around the table sharing what you are most thankful for this year
  • Break out the Christmas decorations
  • Donate your time or resources to a local charity or shelter
  • End the evening with a Christmas movie and maybe some treats like hot cocoa and popcorn.
  • Ask your child or spouse something they would like to do and do it. This is an amazing way to show them love (as long as you are a good sport about it ;) )
  • Make a non traditional dinner. This year we are going to smoke a brisket which I am super excited about. Of course, we are still having a green bean casserole because it's one of my holiday favorites. However, I am going to attempt to make it gluten free and dairy free so wish me luck lol. 

I think the most important thing about this holiday is that we spend time with people we care about and really give them our undivided attention. Interact with them, talk with them, laugh with them. This year has been hard for so many reasons and I think showing love and kindness is what so many of us need this Thanksgiving.

A Special Note of Thanks Our Jelleybean Family

With that said, I just want to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for your support this year as I took on this new adventure with Jelleybeans. I am so thankful for the amazing people I have gotten to interact with, the fun I have had finding the cutest clothes to offer, and most importantly that you have chosen to do business with us. I couldn't do this without you and I am excited to see how we grow going into a new year. Thank you for being a part of our Jelleybean family!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope your Thanksgiving will be filled with fun, relaxation, and love!


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