Fun Fall Activities for Small Children

The changing of the seasons is one of my favorite things, especially here in the Pacific Northwest. The leaves are changing, beginning to fall to the ground. The weather is getting colder which means comfy sweaters and boots. But with those changes comes more and more indoor time and sometimes our children begin to get restless. With a toddler in our home, we have to get creative on things she can do so she’s not bored all day. In honor of the fall season, I thought I would put together a list of fun autumn activities for small children.

#1. Painting – From rocks to canvas to store bought wood crafts, painting is always a fun project to do with small children. We painted a variety of rocks in honor of Halloween like ghosts, bats, candy corn and more.

We have also begun having her paint canvases that we will in turn use for Christmas presents for family members. She paints them any color she wants and then we will go back through and add her handprint once they are dry. I have to say, so far, she is doing an amazing job picking colors herself that go really well together!

#2. Hobby Lobby – For those who know me, they know how much I love Hobby Lobby. Besides just decorating our home, I absolutely love the crafts kits you can buy for each holiday. Right now, they have a plethora of Thanksgiving craft kits like 3D foam kits, wood crafts kits and more. Not only are these fun and easy to do with small children but honestly, they are super inexpensive, and they have everything already bundled for you.

#3. Play Dough – Remember when we were kids and we loved playing with Play Dough? Well, honestly, I still think it’s one of the easiest activities for kids. We have a variety of molds and accessories, and she can play for a good hour (sometimes two if we’re lucky) on her own. We just cover our dining room table with a black, craft tablecloth and she’s good to go. It’s also something very easy to make yourself if you want but honestly, we just cheat and buy it from Amazon.

#4. Go On a Field Trip – Fall has no shortage of field trip opportunities. We love to go to Pumpkin Patches (sometimes more than one), do a corn maze, go Apple picking, collect pretty leaves and pinecones for art projects, and enjoy local harvest festivals.

#5. Teach Your Children About Thanksgiving – Fall time is a great time to talk about Thanksgiving and begin teaching your children what being grateful looks like. You might even begin a list of one or two things each day that they are grateful for and make a wall art project showcasing the things they say. Not only is this a fun thing to do with your kids, but it’s also super fun to see what they say each day. You are sure add some good laughs and smiles to your days.

#6. Baking – In our house we love to bake with our children. It’s a fun way to interact, teach, and have fun all in one activity. We turn on some dancing music and make delicious treats. Whether you like all things pumpkin flavored or like doing something different like Spiced Chai cupcakes, there is an endless about of ideas for fall themed treats. One year we made turkeys out of Reese’s peanut butter cups, candy corn, and Oreos! Those we are absolute favorite to eat when we were done.

#7. Build a Fort – One of my favorite memories as a child is building a fort in our living room. We would even use the couch and couch cushions and build tunnels in and out of the fort. Use blankets, sheets, ladders, chairs, or anything else you think of a build a castle in your front room. Once the fort is built, watch a fun movie, have a picnic meal, or play a game inside. This is sure to be one of favorite memory for you children too.

#8. Pinterest – When all else fails and your brain just can’t think of one more idea, just head over to Pinterest. Everything idea under the sun will be right at your fingertips. This is also a great space to look at age related fall activities or whether you want indoor or out.

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We hope you enjoyed our list of fall activities for small children. Obviously, this isn’t an extensive list, but it’s some of our favorite things to do with our children.

Do you have a favorite fall activity that wasn’t on this list? Share it in the comments below.

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