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Mother's Day Blog Post

Motherhood is filled with beautiful instances of pure bliss. It can be bubbles and pride and sparkles and joy. But motherhood can also be filled with extreme feelings of anxiety, fear, inadequateness, and overwhelming insecurities that come about as we insist on striving towards an unrealistic idea of perfection.

This year has held its unique challenges thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. As if motherhood wasn't already a full-time, demanding job, we were thrown added pandemic stressors. New moms missed out on the opportunities to share the joy of their newborns with family and friends. Working moms had to try and focus on working from home while simultaneously parenting their children. Already overwhelmed stay-at-home Moms had to learn how to become motivating teachers on top of running their busy households.

For those who already battled insecurities and strived for perfection pre-COVID, our new world caused even more complicated disruption and anxiety. As moms, our energies were focused on ensuring that our children felt safe and secure amidst the huge societal changes and scary headlines while battling our fears of the unknown. We put our own needs aside in good old "motherhood" fashion.

But, this long, challenging year also taught us a few good lessons. Perfection, we found, was simply an un-acquirable and unnecessary goal. It turned out that Pinterest-perfect birthday parties, magazine-worthy nurseries, and perfectly curated lunches, were not at all the things that our children needed from us.

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We discovered how much cuddles on the sofa and quality time together playing games were the perfect antidotes to the craziness around us. How walks together and back-yard sprinkler fun and well, just being present and together, brought our children joy and laughter. It was never perfection they had needed from us. It was feeling loved unconditionally and knowing that we were a safe and steady port in the storm of life. They didn't need us to do everything, because we already WERE everything to them.

We also learned this year how important self-care was to our roles as Moms. The vital part that we play in our children's lives necessitated that we care for ourselves, physically and mentally, so that we could, in turn, better care for them. Hiding in the pantry as we ugly-cried became a clear indicator of how much we needed to prioritize self-care.

"Kids don't need a perfect mama. They need a happy one."

So this year, on Mother's Day, let's take the lessons we've learned and make changes. Let's stop focusing on playing the role of Mom perfectly. Let's recognize that our love for our children already makes us so.

Let's celebrate moms who pretended they were using the bathroom for 30 minutes just to get away from the kids for a while. The ones who dealt with a soul-crushing 2-year old's tantrum while in a Zoom meeting with their boss. The moms that begrudgingly re-learned algebra late at night. The make-up-less, messy-bunned moms who lived in jammies and sweats.

On this Mother's Day, let's finally say goodbye to self-imposed expectations of perfection. Let's remember to nurture ourselves regularly in whatever ways fulfill us- spa days, Target runs, reading a book, or face-timing a friend. Let's celebrate our amazing strengths, our incomparable, unique love for our children, and our devotion to family. Let's celebrate ourselves for the perfectly imperfect moms we are.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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