A Note For All the Dad's Out There

Father’s Day is around the corner and those of us lucky enough to have had any father figure in our lives know how very much they deserve to be recognized on this special day in June.


Mothers usually (and sometimes unfairly) tend to get most of the credit for the care, love, and support they give their children and fathers’ significant contributions are sometimes underestimated or overlooked. In truth, the roles dads play are enormously impactful and extremely important in children’s lives.


The truth is, Dads usually do parent a bit differently than moms, but that beautiful difference is what, in the end, gives kids a more evenly balanced view of the world. While we can count on moms to teach empathy and kindness, Dad-type of nurture teaches rules, discipline and respect, all of which, help raise adults that have a sense of responsibility and are ready for life’s challenges. Good fathers are, indeed, a perfect balance for good moms!


After all, there’s nothing like having a dad throw his child high up in the air (higher than mom feels comfortable with) and catching them safely with his strong arms. Or having dads encourage fierce competition at the football game while moms encourage and support equity among teammates.

Fathers seem to take into account how the child will fit into the world instead of how the world will mold itself to the child and, because of that difference, children learn about life from two unique perspectives.


“Father’ is the noblest title a man can be given.”


On this Father’s Day we would like to recognize all of the fathers who get up in the middle of the night for that 3 am feeding so mom can get just a couple more hours of sleep. The dads who leave work early to make sure they can get to the ball game in time to see their kids at-bat. The ones who stay home and do carpool duty so that their partners can pursue their dream careers. The ones who let the kids break the rules and teach them that sometimes risk can pay off. The ones who hold their teenage daughters and support them through their first break-ups. The dads who proudly drive a minivan instead of a sports car. And especially, here’s to the fathers who have learned to parent well even if they themselves weren’t.


We celebrate the dads who respect their partners and are therefore teaching their children to be respectful and respected. The involved fathers who, through their willingness to engage deeply, help make their children feel emotionally secure. The dads who play hard and through roughhousing teach kids to control their physical impulses. The ones who act as a guide to the outside world, who protect and provide.


Dads don’t always get the credit for their huge impact on children’s lives but on this Father’s Day, let’s recognize Dads, Stepdads, Grandads, Uncles, and all father figures who come into our children’s lives to enrich it. The men who endlessly nurture their children in the same (or different) ways that their partners do. We see you. We recognize you. We love you.



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