7 Fun & Memorable Rainy Day Ideas

Ahhh, Spring. The smell of freshly dewed mornings, the sight of beautiful, blooming flowers, and the sound of birds chirping all around us. Just when you start to get excited about spring outfits and the many outdoor-play possibilities as the weather warms, you’re hit with another spring ushering- RAIN. Outdoor fun is best for expending maximum energy, but with a bit of creativity, indoor fun can be just as invigorating, mentally stimulating, and memorable!

Here are some ideas to give your Rainy Day a glow-up:

CREATE AN INDOOR SAFARI-Get out those used empty toilet paper rolls, tape and yarn, and make binoculars for your very own indoor safari. Create a list of different objects, shapes, photos of specific people, animals, and things. Have the kids spot the items and check them off the list one by one. Once all of the items have been checked off, serve up a homemade treat as a reward.

BUILD STRUCTURES- Kids and boxes go together like PB & J, so empty out that recyclables bin and get creative. You can keep it simple when starting but do your best to allow their imaginations to really take over. Build a fort, an ice cream or lemonade stand, or even a pulley system. Use open spaces like garages or basements to keep the play going for days on end. We love building forts in the front room using the couch, pillows, dining room chairs, a ladder, and lots and lots of blankets.

Children's Indoor Activities



    HAVE A LEGO® BUILDING COMPETITION- Empty all of your LEGO® bricks on the floor and challenge the kids to build a specific animal, magical creature or, for older kids, a catapult. You’ll be surprised at how unique each creation will turn out. Use a giant (clean) dustpan for easy pick-up of loose pieces!

    REHEARSE AND PERFORM A PLAY- Find a favorite story and assign characters to each family member. Rehearse lines (or just read lines while they act them out), create costumes, use make-up, and collect props. Then, make
    theatre magic in your very own living room. Make sure to record the final product!

    Indoor Children's Activities

    “Let a child’s smile be your umbrella on a rainy day.

    HAVE A FASHION SHOW- Let the kids get creative with their clothes or your clothing and accessories. Give them 5-10 minutes to dress for a specific category like beachwear, evening wear, etc., to stimulate creativity. Play fun music and narrate their “looks” as they come down the stairs or parade through the living room. Feel free to have an older sibling “judge” whose look matched a particular category Don't forget to take pictures or video. These will be priceless memories to look back on.

    HAVE A SPA DAY- Who doesn’t love some pampering? Have the kids come to your spa and sign up for services. Do nails, give facial massages, foot rubs, or create pretty (or funky) hairdos. Throw unique things on the spa menu like a foot tickle! Make sure they know to leave a “tip” in the form of a great big hug!

    BAKE A TREAT- Making cupcakes, cake pops or cookies (and definitely letting them lick the spoon) can be an absolute delight for kids. Search through Pinterest images with them and choose a treat they are excited about. They will be practicing hand-eye coordination, learning math and an important skill for their future adult lives. Even better? They get to enjoy a reward after all of their hard work. Be sure to keep your pantry stocked with a “rainy day cake mix”, frosting and some sprinkles!

    Indoor Kids Play Ideas


    We hope these ideas help get those creative juices flowing! Entertaining kids when you’re stuck inside can be challenging, but with a touch of creativity, rainy days can end up being a highlight of a child’s growing years memories...and yours.

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